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    The history of Blue Heron Designs, Inc

    Blue Heron Designs, Inc., founded in 1973 has, since it’s beginning, been a leader in many creative aspects of the “Green” industry.

    Originally based in Dripping Springs, Texas, the company relocated the main offices to Midland, Texas in 1976 and began a quest to become the “most successful, creative and complete exterior design/ build firm in Texas”.

    Blue Heron Designs’ founder and President, Randy Rodgers, has kept this goal in mind and is recognized throughout the Southwest for creative and unique landscape design and installation. During the decade in Midland, the company designed and built many residential and commercial projects throughout West Texas and New Mexico.

    The associated decorative concrete firm, Specialty Concrete has provided creative input for many residential and commercial projects in Texas as well as Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe.

    In 1984 we opened offices in San Antonio at the Los Patios Environment at Salado Creek and Loop 410. Now located in Northeast San Antonio, Blue Heron continues to create many wonderful landscapes in Central and South Texas. We continue the search for new products, exciting and talented artists, dedicated subcontractors and new plants to enrich outdoor environments.

    Overview and philosophy

    An understanding and love for gardens and an ability to communicate with the client are the major elements which have distinguished Blue Heron Designs, Inc. as a leading residential design/build exterior contracting firm in the Southwest.

    Blue Heron can undertake residential projects of varied scope and character. The best possible use is made of the inherent site and project potential and each client and location is viewed individually. We believe that outdoor spaces should be aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, they must be functional, safe and exciting environments.

    Blue Heron Designs utilizes environmental analysis, conceptual designs, drawings, construction details and follow up visits to insure that client expectations are fulfilled and the budgets are met.

    Striving to be the most creative business of its kind has always been a challenge that none of the team takes lightly. Successful construction in the building of these environments is measured by how well the design can meet the desired function and projected budget for each project.

    The desire to communicate, the primary element of Blue Heron’s success, coupled with 42 years of experience in the “Green Industry” has given Randy Rodgers, his related companies and his team of subcontractors an inside understanding of the necessary integration to complete projects in a timely and efficient manner.

    Let the Blue Heron team design your dream landscape today!

    Randy D. Rodgers, President and Owner

    I am Randy Rodgers, a plant and garden enthusiast, and I founded Blue Heron Designs, Inc. (formerly Sunrise Gardens) in Dripping Springs, Texas in 1973.

    Growing up in San Angelo, Texas during the drought, our family had large vegetable and flower gardens and in 1965 I became and employee of Olive Nursery where I continued learning about plants and gardening for the next four years. I am a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin with a Bachelor of Journalism degree (1972).

    In the early days, I created unusual planters from rocks, wood and sea shells and exhibited and sold them at 1970’s art shows around Texas. In 1976, the company relocated to Midland, Texas and began a decade long battle to bring beauty to many residential and commercial West Texas landscapes.

    In 1985, Blue Heron began working on projects in San Antonio and in the following year, relocated to the Los Patios Environment on Loop 410 at Salado Creek. In addition to retooling the garden center and reestablishing the Los Patios Landscape through Blue Heron, I renovated the buildings and grounds at the shopping and dining enclave.

    I have always had the passionate desire to learn more about plants and scarcely a month goes by that there is not an opportunity to be introduced to another wonderful plant or tree to enrich our environment! Also learning about the uses of the many landscape products continues to be a passion for me.

    Much of the success of Blue Heron has been through the dedication of our super employees and many have been tireless contributors for 10-20 years! I am now in my 42nd year at the helm of the company.

    Blue Heron has truly been blessed with loyal supporters, clients and enthusiasts for these MANY years!

    It is with great excitement and dedication to our clients that we approach each project and I feel really fortunate that I still love this work so much!