The Blue Heron Designs website has a new look!

Recognizing the old website needed a new lick of paint, the new website features a number of improvements to make your browsing experience better, including:-

  • An increase from 5 pages to more than 200 pages. That is an increase of 3900% pages to look at.
  • Faster loading times.. because there are a lot of pages to look at.
  • Updated and more comprehensive portfolio from our 40 year history. And we still have a lot more to add!
  • Fully mobile responsive design, which means looking at the website on a small screen, like a mobile phone, doesn’t involve squinting or zooming into the page with your fingers. It should just look good.

If you have any feedback for the Blue Heron Designs team, please do get in touch – details on the site!

Our old website served us well and we thought we’d include some shots below in a gallery for your perusal.