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  • This beautiful Mediterranean inspired home and garden met many challenges in San Antonio’s Terrell Hills. With over ten feet of elevation change from front to back on this lot, the challenge was to create a front landscape with easy access and little grade change while making up the difference in the back pool and garden. Drainage in expansive soils was vital to the success of the project.

    The views from the elevated back porches were difficult and Blue Heron utilized a combination of elements to create a wonderful backdrop for this amazingly beautiful home. Photos of one of Randy’s favorite Italian garden sheds ~ visited at a Palladian residence in Northern Italy was used as the inspiration for a garden/pool shed to screen views and anchor the back landscape and pool.

    All elements were constructed seven feet above the existing back grade. A challenge to also provide a small extra parking area further highlighted the need to utlize every inch of space in the most best possible manner.

    Keeping the Owner’s grandchildren in mind, the pool was created with wide steps on both ends of the pool. Rustic sandstone walls retain landscape beds and create a water wall behind the pool. Ornamental cast lead escutcheons were drilled to allow jets of water to cascade into the pool.

    Soft hued stone tiles in two colors were treated with lifetime waterproofing products and carefully laid around the water features and into the interior of the pool. They give the pool water a soft glow.

    Italian Cypress further created interesting screening with a simple theme. Large dramatic leafed cannas bloom behind the wall and disappear for winter to return each spring and summer.

    Simple pool, bed and grass lines are punctuated with surprises like the fabulous ornate Orcio Uva vases ~ created from beautiful hued Italian terra cotta for hundreds of years ~ these large and amazing containers hold shaped boxwood with cascades of hardy ice plant for all summer blooming.

    Zoysia grass is maintained with precision in the band at the pool as well as the small yard which doubles as a spillover for placing tables for parties and providing a play space for visiting family to play.

    The elevated patio at residence level provides a great overview of the garden and the beautiful fireplace warms guests who come to feel that they have been transported for a just a moment back for a magical moment in the Italian country side.

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