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    Create your perfect outdoor environment

    Blue Heron Designs’ role in creating unique custom designed swimming pools and spas is to focus upon the development of the most perfectly suitable outdoor environment for each project and client.

    Integrating a unique custom pool design within each residential landscape and creating an outdoor entertainment area that meets the goals and dreams each homeowner has allowed us the opportunity to be involved in hundreds of exciting and different successful projects.

    Blue Heron’s unique, custom designed swimming pools and spas have also been published in a variety of publications and awarded numerous national design awards.

    Often, pool contractors are centered only on the pool and its operations. Blue Heron Design’s forty-six-year history of designing and constructing ‘one of a kind’, distinguished pool projects offer us the expertise to coordinate and integrate all parts of your landscape plan into a beautiful, safe and usable environment.

    We create and deliver your dream hardscape, softscape, and waterscape plans without being a superstore generic format to drop item multiples into multiple different yards, nor do we create your new swimming pool from cookie-cutter templates.

    Each design skillfully marries your home’s inherent stylistic attributes, such as architectural features, window placements, and prominent sightlines occurring at your specific home with the master-planned landscape design and waterscape design.

    Providing our clients with a master-planned pool design also allows for alternative proposals for the pool’s construction, while encouraging a budget based plan that will cover all areas relating to the completed installation of the landscaped pool.

    Creating a visually satisfying and successfully executed plan and installation is our goal for your new, unique, custom designed landscaped swimming pool and spa.

    Let Blue Heron create your soaring landscape.

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