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    Special projects
    Special projects

    Ready for any challenge!

    Frequently our clients request special projects and Blue Heron is always up for the challenge!

    Special fireplaces, dream tree houses, decorative outdoor showers and proper placement and anchoring of sculpture produce excitement for our firm and the many artists utilized
    to create these landscape additions.

    Many artists have seen their sculptures placed by Blue Heron including Lincoln Fox, Glenna Goodacre and Alejandor Colunga.

    They find the integration of their art with the Blue Heron landscapes to be exceptional and we continue to strive to present beautiful works of art in the gardens we construct.

    Enjoying the opportunity to research and provide beautiful finished projects goes back many years. Having many wonderful sites along with fabulous pieces of sculpture, fossils and unusual stones has helped to make Blue Heron a leader in landscape design build in Central and South Texas over these forty-two years.

    Special projects